Monday, February 20, 2012

Minimize Mondays - Week 5

This has been a pretty difficult and stressful week for us, so I haven't accomplished much in the mission to purge. But I did get rid of two small items that have been hanging around too long.

These were both duplicates of items we already had - one a gift and the other came as part of a package from a silent auction lot. They have been hanging in a bag on the back of my bedroom door for about a year. Today, I finally grabbed them on my way to the supermarket and brought them in to the used game/music store across the parking lot. They gave me $6 for these, but it wasn't about the money. (Although that will get me 4 Timmie's.) We didn't need these and they were taking up space. This was one silly, simple little chore I had been putting off for way too long.

But now it's checked off the list. And I feel good.

Have you gotten rid of anything you didn't need recently? Whether to the trash, charity, a friend, or by sale, leave a note in the comments below. And if you've blogged it, head on over to Mommy Moment's blog and link up your own Minimize Monday post there.

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