Sunday, February 26, 2012

Old Navy Family Day

This past Monday, February 20, was a holiday in Ontario. Family Day is a fairly new and quite welcome day off in the winter months, and many organisations, community groups, and attractions have come on board in the last few years to create themed events to encourage families to get out and enjoy the day together. Little Boo and I took advantage of the bonus day together to head out to the Old Navy store at Queen's Square in Etobicoke, for one of their Family Day Funnovation Imaginarium events. We had a blast!

This was a first for Old Navy. I was speaking with their Marketing Director at the event and she indicated this is a new direction for them and they hope to do more such events in-store. I think its's a great direction for them to take. The kids had a great time and the adults got to check out the merchandise, do some shopping, and take advantage of a special discount and gift with purchase.

The fine folks from were there with lots of crafts, treats, and a dance party for the kids. My Little Boo couldn't stop hopping from one table to another. Although he did take a break to pick out a new sweatshirt and model it for me. He also got these great camo rainboots.

Me & my friend Doris.
Photo courtesy another friend, Rachel
I got a lot of shopping done while he entertained himself. And I found my new favourite jeans!! Old Navy currently has ALL of their jeans on sale until Feb 29. Adult styles start at $25 and kids' at $17. I figured this was a good opportunity to pick up a new pair, and I had a look through the massive jeans wall. I have been wearing the Flirt boot-cut, which is a mid-rise, and apparently designed for a straighter figure. I do find it causes some (cough) muffin-top issues for me. So I checked out the Sweetheart, which sits at your natural waist, instead. What a difference! Much better control of my midsection, without going into "mommy jeans." I love them. And I was super brave and went with "skinny" instead of boot-cut. I love how they feel and I think I look good in them too. Yay me! And bonus from now until the 29th, if you buy a pair of jeans at the sale price, Old Navy will give you a "price lock card" so you can lock in that sale price for any of the same style jeans you buy through the end of May! If you need jeans for you or the kids, you might want to head there now.
My Little Boo could have stayed at the Funnovation event all day, but we did have to leave eventually. I hope Old Navy does sponsor more of these sorts of events to bring us in store and have some fun with our kids. Best of all? He and I had a great time spending the afternoon together. Shopping! Ha! Major Mommy Win :)
How did you spend Family Day? Or did you have this holiday? Would love to hear about your fun in the comments below. Cheers!

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