Friday, March 30, 2012

A Boy & His Fish

This is Adam. He is a Betta. And he is Little Boo's first ever all-his-own pet.

Little Boo wanted a pet of his own. We have a large freshwater tank of tropical fish, plus our kitty. But those are family pets, and apparently weren't cutting it with him. He wanted someone to call his own.

He wanted a chameleon. But I didn't think we were ready for that.

We talked about options and we settled on a Betta. A fish who can live in a small tank in his room and doesn't require much upkeep.

Little Boo is only 6. I knew Mommy would be doing the work. I've got enough work already.

We are treating this as a lesson in responsibility. Mommy is doing much of the work, but is doing it with an assistant. We are talking about the importance of regular feeding. (And Little Boo is quick to step up if he thinks I've forgotten.) Adam gets fed every second day, in the morning, and we do it together. I am teaching LB about the correct amount to feed. Each Saturday we change out about a third of his water. LB gets the water conditioner and brings it to me and he helps to scoop out the old water and pour in the new. (I have to  do all the moving and holding of the tank of course.) This past weekend he asked to measure and pour the conditioner himself. I was a little anxious, but I let him do it and he did great!

Adam has been with us for three months now, and he seems really healthy. Little Boo picked out some new decorations for his tank the other night. He thought he needed some special crystals.

My baby is super excited to have a pet of his very own. He is proud of the pet care tasks he is able to do on his own. And he is learning about being a responsible pet owner. Maybe one day we will get him that chameleon. He's probably got a better chance at getting that than getting his second choice - a dog!

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