Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Days

Today is stunning. The sun is shining. It's currently 16 degrees. All the windows are open to air out the house.

We spent the afternoon at the Toronto Zoo. We are members, and have been for years, so we often pop in for a couple of hours on a nice day.  Our primary goal today was to see the baby polar bear. There was quite the line-up to get near to his enclosure, but it didn't take too long. He's gotten pretty big, but he's still adorable.

This guy apparently had a nice roll in the mud. The one in behind was freaking out trying to get the keeper to open the door to where the cub was. Probably equating keeper with lunch. (In a bucket, not the keeper. You know what I mean!)

There were so many families there today, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. We actually had to park in one of the overflow lots!! Since this was a quick visit, and our first of the year, we made sure to see my favourite animals:
And Little Boo's:
Spider Monkey
I spent a bit of time telling him about jaguars, including letting him know that the black jaguar actually does have spots, they're just really hard to see, and that this one is a boy. Then I had the pleasure of listening to him tell another little boy all about it! It was great to see him excited to learn about animals and to share his new info. Then we were checking out how the spider monkeys use their tails as a fifth hand/foot. Of course I then taught him the word "prehensile." The Zoo is very educational.

Two hours of walking in the fresh air was great for all of us. We got a super and much-needed dose of vitamin D and a major mood lift. When we got home, Little Boo still hadn't had enough of the outdoors, so we had a short rest and then went to the playground for some time on the swings.


I love spring. I feel peaceful and hopeful and delightfully tired. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!

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