Saturday, March 17, 2012

He's Still My Little Baby

"I think we forgot about Edward's friend."

And so began a conversation that made my heart sing.

We were driving home after work/daycare, and out of the blue this statement came from the backseat. It took me a second to register what he meant. But not too long, because I am his mommy after all.

Sleeping in the early days.
Edward is looking pretty
bright and clean there
Edward is his favourite stuffie. A sweet little bear that he was given as a newborn. In earlier years Edward went everywhere with him. It's a small miracle he hasn't gone missing actually. Little Boo still sleeps with him every night, and Edward comes along to all sleepovers.

There were three other important stuffies in his life from infancy. Charlie went missing a long time ago, and was sadly forgotten. (I'll save his story for another day.) But B and Turtle are still with us.

"Do you mean B, honey?" Yes, he meant B. He described his little white bear with the blue t-shirt. Daddy remembered the band-aid on his head (split seam - we applied first aid).

Then, "And did I have a turtle too?" Yes he did. We got the turtle at a garage sale when he was an infant. I love turtles. I couldn't resist. He's small and green and super soft. I paid 10 cents for him, and the lady who sold him to us threw in an umbrella stroller for free as well. (She was clearly in purge mode!)

These three stuffies were a team. They played together and slept together and traveled together. But now they were separated. Little Boo was suddenly very concerned about his two "missing" stuffies, so I promised we would find them when we got home. I knew they had to be in one of his huge bins of stuffed friends, so I wasn't concerned. Now the trio are together again, and ready for bedtime duty. 

Best Buddies

This truly made my heart sing. He is such a big boy in so many ways, and we are seeing him grow more independent and further from babyhood every day.  Knowing that his stuffed toys are still so important to him gives me hope for many cuddles yet to come. He's still my baby boy.

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