Monday, March 26, 2012

Kinder Canada and the Children's Miracle Network

I was really happy last month to see this sign in my local Metro, along with their display of Kinder Easter specialties. I have loved Kinder for a long time, and have been very proud to be involved as a #KinderMom this year. Learning that Kinder Canada is supporting the Children's Miracle Network and all of their hospitals has made me even prouder. Through this Easter season, Kinder Canada will be supporting the CMN through the Joy to Share program. We can help with our purchases of their special Easter products. Kinder is also highlighting stories of Miracle Kids on their Facebook page. Moms of children who have been helped by these hospitals are sharing their inspiring stories with us. We can join the conversation by sharing our own stories and/or comments. Please drop by, pay them a visit, and engage.
And, if you are able, please consider making your own direct donation online at
Look how cute those bunnies & lambs are!!
They are really soft too.

We'll be celebrating Easter this year with family, as we always do. My mother-in-law always cooks a special family dinner and makes sure to provide special chocolate treats for her kids (still!) and grandkids. The Easter bunny will be paying us a visit as well, and there will be the joy of the egg hunt on Easter morning. Each year, Little Boo and I create our bunny hutch. This is a tradition passed down from my grandmother. We had a hutch every year growing up. It provides a focal point for any Easter presents and a lovely decorative touch. Here is ours from last year:

As a #KinderMom I do receive a supply of Kinder Surprise Eggs each month. Given that Easter is coming soon, and every kid deserves a special treat, I will be donating my eggs this month to either a local food bank or local women's shelter. Chocolate treats can't be high on the list of must-buys on a fixed budget.

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own

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