Monday, March 12, 2012

Minimize Monday - March 12

Another weekend, another purge. Here we go!

This was a small job, but overdue. I am throwing out the sippy cups (he's 6 for gosh sakes!) and paring down the plastic cup collection. It was way out of hand.  There's also a pair of old (fake) crocs, a diaper bag, and a DVD on early development. All but the chewed on sippy cups will go to the Salvation Army.

And this is a pile of outgrown clothes from my 6 foot tall Teen. Yes, that is a price tag you see on the floor there. One of the problems with him spending only about 1/3 of his time here - we have often had clothes he grew out of before he even had them on. There's some really good quality, hardly worn tees in here.
Off to the Sally Ann.

And this is the next project - the tub toys. I thought I'd get to this today, but it was just too nice outside. I thought I'd throw in the "before" picture anyway. It should motivate me to get this done and get the "to keep" toys back in their net bags in the tub.

Are you participating in Minimize Mondays? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. What did you get rid of this week? Have you started your spring cleaning?
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