Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Nose of a Preschooler

The other night as we were going through the bedtime routine, Little Boo suddenly announced he had a nosebleed. It wasn't a terribly bad one, and we just went into the bathroom, and I had him lean over the sink and pinch the bridge of his nose while I laid a cool cloth across the back of his neck. In few minutes the bleeding stopped, we got him cleaned up, and I asked him what had happened.

Me: "Were you picking your nose?"
LB: "NO!"

Me: "Really? You weren't poking around in there or something? Was it itching? I won't be mad."
LB: "No Mommy. I think it must have been the sticker I lost up there."

WTH?! How precisely do you "lose" a sticker up your nose? Why was it anywhere near your nose in the first place?

I totally had to leave the room, because I lost it! I looked up there with a light, but I couldn't see anything unusual. Apparently he had the bright idea at school to stick a sticker up inside his nose. Just because. And then he couldn't get it out. It is still really unclear as to when exactly this all went down.

I remember my brother doing this with a peanut when he was about 4. Took my grandmother forever to get it down out of there. He got so upset he started throwing up, which caused him to declare for years that he was allergic to peanuts. But not peanut butter. It was very specific.

What about your kids? Anything interesting make its way up their precious little noses? Assuming everything ended well, please share below so we can all enjoy a giggle :)

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