Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Open Letter of Thanks

Some kids have more difficulty. Some kids don't find it so easy to enter a group. Or to approach another child. Sometimes even when that child is already a friend.

Little Boo is one of those kids.

We are waiting on referrals and the only diagnosis we have at this stage is with ADHD. But Little Boo is somewhat behind on his social skills. He doesn't read other people well at all. And he is still trying to master the delicate skills of introducing himself to others and asking to be included in their play.

He so wants to be included! But he is so awkward about it. And bossy.

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But this post isn't really about him. It's really about the Mom in the playground the other evening. She was there with a troupe of 5 kids (hers, her neices, the neighbour's). When we arrived, I encouraged Little Boo to go introduce himself to the kids (we didn't realise they were there all together at the time). He tried twice to enter their game, but then came back to me. He looked pretty sad.  The other kids brushed him off and he had no idea how to come back from that.

And that is life sometimes, but it still made me sad.

But then the other Mom called over the eldest girl and encouraged her to come ask Little Boo to join them. And the girl did. And her cousin came with her. And he was hesitant, but he did go with them. And they had a great time.

I thanked the other Mom then. And she just smiled and shrugged. She said she saw his difficulty. She wanted him to feel included. She asked if he felt ok now.

And that meant the world to us.

So, this is a great big thank you to that Mom, and to all of the other parents and kids who make extra efforts to include kids who may be a little different. Who may have special challenges. Who may be just a little awkward and lonely.

Thank you!

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