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Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Systems - Share and Win Contest

A few years ago, Hubs and I went away to a conference together. We were gone, and our house was empty, for four nights. When we returned home, we found our front door had been kicked in and our place had been ransacked. The Teen (then 10 years old) had his piggy bank destroyed and emptied and his game system and games stolen. We also lost jewelry, DVDs, etc. The Teen was beyond devastated. We all felt invaded and dirtied and scared. So, we immediately got a home alarm installed. (I know, barn doors and horses, yada yada. It is what it is.)  An alarm won't stop them getting in (although signage shouting its existence might) but it will get them out and help on the way.

Well, Rogers now offers a new generation of home security that goes above and beyond the simple alarm on your door or window signalling an intruder and alerting the authorities (and the neighbours). And right now they are running a contest, giving away 5 Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Systems in Ontario!!!

The prize comes with all of the components listed here.
I'm really excited about this system. The TV commercials I've been seeing had me intrigued, so I've gone to the Rogers website for more information. There are different plans & pricing available so that you can choose the one that's right for you. Monitoring starts at just $34.99/month.

You can manage the system, including arming, disarming, video monitoring, adjusting your thermostat (!), etc., from anywhere via your smartphone or a computer. You can opt in to different types of alerts, so the system can send you a message if it detects unauthorised entry, a leak, elevated carbon monoxide.  You can even program it to send you a text message if your door doesn't open during the time period when your kids are supposed to be coming home from school, or to take a picture and email it to you when someone does open the door. Given that our home is left unoccupied for about 12 hours of every week day, this type of system, including text/email alerts and the ability to see a visual of the property, would provide me with excellent peace of mind.

I love that there is 24/7 monitoring, with a dual network set-up. This system runs on both cable and wireless networks (not phone lines), so if one is compromised the other is still available. Bad guy cut your cable from the outside? Wireless coverage is still operational. And 2 way voice communication kicks in through the Touch Pad's built-in speakerphone when the alarm is triggered.

This is a Share & Win contest. Your initial entry will get you into the draw, but then you can share the contest with your online connections, and you will get one extra entry for every person who enters through your share. Easy Twitter, Facebook and Email share buttons are displayed for you once your entry has been accepted.

Entries will be accepted until 5:00PM EDT, May 16, 2012. Contest is open to residents of Ontario only. Limit of 1 entry per person. Prize is valued at approximately $1500. A full list of the rules & regulations is available here.

You can enter the contest here.

Good luck!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post; compensation will be received for promotion of this #rogerssmarthome contest. Raising My Boys is in no way responsible for the conduct of this contest or awarding of prizes. Any opinions expressed here are my own.

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