Monday, April 02, 2012

The Bunny Hutch

I've written before about our family tradition of the Easter Bunny Hutch, and what a part of my life it's always been. Well, I thought I'd present you with a little "How-To" in case you'd like a bunny hutch of your own.

The first thing you will need is a small table. We use Little Boo's craft table. You could also use a child's desk, or one of those folding TV dinner tables (you know what I mean).

The table will need a fence going all the way around, to keep the godforsaken Easter grass in place. I made our fence this year with Bristol board, but construction paper works well and is easier to cut. I was going for something sturdier though as an experiment.

Measure, mark, and cut the Bristol board into four even strips, lengthwise. (You could do more strips if you wanted a shorter fence.)

Accordion fold each strip. I made my folds about 1.5 inches.

Now, think cutting out paper dolls. You can give your fence any design you like, so long as you can cut it into the Bristol board/construction paper. If you are using construction paper you will be able to cut multiple layers at once. With the Bristol board I was cutting one at a time and carefully matching up the cuts.

I tried for a bit of a picket fence look.

Once your fence is cut out, carefully tape it to the table, around the outside edge. You will need to match up the separate strips of fence you cut. I used three for this table.

Then, add enough Easter grass to cover the table and give some cushioning. I prefer to go primarily with one colour. You can decorate however you like. We generally make a little hutch out of an old tissue box covered in pastel coloured paper. Clean twigs look cute too, especially if you stick Easter gummy candies onto them like flowers on a tree.
Be sure to include a bunny or two, some eggs, and a couple of chicks.

When the Easter Bunny comes, he will leave a bunch of treats in the grass, and will place any gifts under the table.  Little Boo's Easter basket is already there and ready to go on the egg hunt!

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