Friday, April 27, 2012

My Man and His GPS

It seems to be a rocky relationship. Or becoming one.

Back before Christmas I suggested Hubs have a look at our AMEX points and maybe we could do some Christmas shopping like last year. So he did, and he went through the rewards catalogue. and he found many fun toys.

I am fairly certain he never left the technology section.

He wanted a Garmin GPS. He'd talked about a GPS before, but, really, I hadn't paid much attention. I have my maps app on my iPhone and that works just great for me. Compare route times, get traffic reports, skim through all of the direction steps in advance to make sure it's sending you to the right place. It's all good.

My pointing out all of this did not help. He was determined. He wanted a GPS. He wanted some piece of technology on his dashboard that would speak to him and tell him what to do and when.

Somehow, when I do that, he is not so thrilled. Go figure.

But anyway, he ordered the darn thing and we put it under the tree.

It has been used twice.

I don't know how he and Edna (that's what I call her - don't ask - it just sort of seemed right) got along on their first trip together. He came back all excited and has offered me her services a few times. I decline. But this week I got to experience their relationship for myself. It was hugely amusing to me.

He doesn't listen to her either!!

Short version, she wanted him to go North on city streets, he wanted to avoid city streets, so was heading South. Every intersection, Edna would try to convince him to turn right and then right again to get back on track. But he was as stubborn as she was. I kept waiting for the GPS to start spouting expletives at us "Will you just turn the %^& around like I told you too?!"

My feeling about the whole experience is, why have the GPS if you aren't going to listen to it?

In the meantime, there might be a market here to tap. A sarcastic and sassy GPS voice that can give as good as it gets. "So,what? You want to go to Collingwood via Hamilton? Gas not expensive enough for you yet?" Hmm. Off to write the business plan ....

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