Saturday, April 07, 2012

Paper Plate Easter Baskets

I totally stole this idea from Little Boo's daycare. When I went to get him the other day they had a couple of these adorable paper plate baskets on the table and I was sold!

What you will need:
Paper plates (the cheap kind you can get at the dollar store)
Crayons, markers, coloured pencils
Hole punch

To begin, turn your paper plate face down and colour as desired all over the bottom of the plate, which will become the outside of your basket. Be creative. Be colourful. Have fun!

Next, cut a series of slits about an inch and a half apart, all around the outside of the plate. Cut in to about half an inch into the flat part of the plate. The deeper your cuts, the narrower and higher your basket will be. You will now have a series of "flaps" all around your plate.

Take your hole punch and make two holes in the top of each flap.

 This is what your plate should look like after all that cutting and hole punching.

Now, take your ribbon and begin to lace it through the holes, drawing the flaps up to make a rounded basket. Be sure to overlap the flaps consistently (over, over, over, ...) all the way around to make an even basket that sits flat around the upper edge.

When you get back to the start with your ribbon, you will need to overlap and draw the ribbon through one of the first holes a second time, to bring it back to the outside. 
Tie your ribbon in a pretty bow, and you're done!

You can fill these with a little Easter grass if you like, or just toss in some candies. Little Boo is really proud of the basket he coloured (on the left). These have been added to our Bunny Hutch and are filled with yummy gummy bunnies. Note - these are definitely not strong enough to use for an egg hunt, but are really cute as decorations.

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