Friday, April 13, 2012

Starting Our Seeds

Little Boo and I spent some time in the back yard on Easter Sunday. It was a gorgeous day and a great chance to get outside and start some work cleaning up the garden.  We also started some seeds in peat pots. Kids love to see things grow. The magic of a plant growing from a tiny seed they planted and watered themselves is really wonderful. And it's such an easy and cheap activity to do with them.

I like to use peat pots because you can plant them directly in the garden when the seedlings are ready to set out, and not disturb the young plants' delicate roots. I got a big package of them at the dollar store for, you guessed it, a dollar. I also bought a bag of potting soil there for a dollar. You can even buy seed packets at many dollar stores.
I like to place my peat pots in a tray so that I don't get excess water flowing all over my windowsill. This time I used an old stoneware cookie sheet that has a little crack in it.

Fill the pots with soil and scatter some seeds on top.

Tamp down with your finger. You want to make sure that the seeds have good contact with the soil and have a light covering of soil on top.

Water lightly and cover with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap helps to cut down on moisture loss due to evaporation and to hold in warmth. Place the pots in a warm spot and keep an eye on moisture level and keep looking for growth. Once the seedlings touch the wrap, you will need to remove the wrap and move the pots to a sunny window. Be sure to keep the soil moist.

When the weather is right and the plants established in their pots, move them to your garden or a larger container. Remember you can plant them peat pot and all. 

Have fun!

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