Saturday, April 28, 2012

Time Away is Time Well-Spent

I am gloriously exhausted. That kind of exhausted that only comes after a long day of adventures in the crisp air and warm sunshine. I'm relaxed, a little sore, and physically done in. But so content.

And I smell great too! (You know what I'm talking about.)

We've been in Collingwood for a couple of days. Just a little mini-vacation for Hubs, Little Boo and me. (The Teen is with his mom.) Thursday and Friday were mostly vegging in our room and playing in the pool and hot tub. There was a lot of screen time too, as our plugged-in family travels with 2 smart phones, 2 laptops, an iPad, and a 3DS. But that was in the evenings, when we just hung out together doing our own things, and not worrying about housework or cooking or bedtime schedules or work or anything.

We relaxed.

Yesterday we did venture into town for a bit. It was bitterly cold. Like November on the North Atlantic cold. The wind was high and it cut like ice coming off Georgian Bay. But we went walking some trails along the water for as long as we could stand. It was lovely.

Today we went to the Scenic Caves. The sun was bright and warm, but the air was still crisp, and oh-so-clean. I had my boys outside enjoying nature for more than 3 hours! Mommy was very pleased.

We did the suspension bridge:
It's a long way down

But what a view!

Fed the trout: 

And almost got eaten by a bear:
Well, ok. Not really.
Then we started up the stairs to get to the caves. And let me tell you, there are STAIRS! I thought I'd never make it. The worst part was when you'd go down again for a bit and then face going up even further. It so didn't feel fair. And then we saw this sign:
Three words - It's A Lie! Although, there was a little break, and probably we had passed the most intense part of the adventure. My legs were screaming!! But it was all worth it. The caves were gorgeous. Although, not what I expected. I was thinking caves, you know with ceilings and bats and going underground. This is more like crevasses. But they are stunning. There were still lots of stairs and climbing over rocks, and trudging through snow. And lots of OOHs and AAHs and WOWs.

Walking back through the birches, we talked about nature and the life cycle of a forest. We saw lots of trilliums getting ready to bloom, so I introduced Little Boo to our provincial plant.

We finished our visit with a round of mini golf and a visit to the playground.

This was definitely the most fun and the most exercise we've had in ages. It was so good to get away and spend some time together away from the stress of work and keeping up the home. Throw the schedules out the window and go with the flow!

We need to get away together more often.
Shrek welcomes all visitors to the playground.

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