Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Who is that Bunny?

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We all know the day is going to come. The day they start questioning. Questioning the big guns. We can only hope that the day doesn't come too soon. That we can hold on to the wonder and magic of childhood dreams for as long as possible.

But today, in our house, it seems to have started.

After seeing some Easter-related commercial or other, Little Boo looked me straight in the eye and asked, "Mommy, is the Easter Bunny a real rabbit, or just a person in a costume?"

My heart sank. I am so not ready for this at age 6.

"Well, what do you think, honey?"
Slight (just very slight) hesitation.
"Um, I think he's a real rabbit. Right?"

So I agreed with him, while acknowledging that sometimes people would put on a costume for Easter pictures or something like that.

I tested the waters a bit by asking him if he thought I'd let some stranger in a bunny costume break into our house to leave chocolate. (Actually, depending on the chocolate they left, I just might. I mean, if Purdy's wanted to send over a costumed bunny with a stash of their dark chocolate yolk eggs, I wouldn't complain.) He saw the logic there. Only the magical folks are allowed free access to our home while we sleep. Most importantly (for me) there was no "but you and Daddy leave the chocolates, don't you?"

We haven't even lost a tooth yet, so there hasn't even been a tooth fairy visit to get excited about.

Of course, I don't remember if I ever believed in the Easter Bunny myself. I should ask my mom if she remembers.

What about you and yours? Does the big bunny visit your house? When did your kids start to question, if they have yet?

Ooh! And a question I always wonder about - do you do an egg hunt indoors or out? Growing up in St. John's an outdoor egg hunt would have required snowsuits and shovels many years, so it was never even thought of. Our hunts are always still indoors. Please tell me about yours in the comments!

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