Sunday, May 27, 2012

Big Fish Games - Fun Distractions for Mom (and the kids too I guess)

I don't know about you, but I have my iPhone, and it is full of games. 95% of which are for the entertainment of Little Boo. But some are for me, and I especially love my word games, both solo play and social play. It's good to have something available for a little injection of distraction from the everyday and some stress relief. Mommy needs to play too, and a little game on my phone or the computer is just about the right length of time on one of my busy days.

Big Fish Games LogoRecently I was approached by a company called Big Fish Games with the chance to review one of their many games.

Since I am such a fan of word games (keeping my mind active!) I chose Hidden Object Crosswords. The download and installation process was straightforward. There is even an option to download Big Fish games for a free one hour trial. That way you can be sure you are happy before you purchase.

Hidden Object Crosswords is kind of a cross between those "I Spy" books and a traditional crossword puzzle. Each clue in the crossword grid refers to an object in the attached picture. The pictures are a crazy and intricate jumble of objects. Each picture has an overall theme, but includes lots of out of context objects. I found some of the items quite difficult to locate visually, even when I knew for sure what I was looking for.

Check it out -
Each clue appears at the top of the image, with the relevant part of the grid. You can see the number of letters in the word, as well as any letters you've already got, while looking. When you find the object in the picture, you click on it to enter the word into the crossword. Can you find the broom?

Clicking at the bottom of the screen brings you back to the grid, or you can use the arrows at the top to scroll through the clues. A shiny butterfly periodically flits across your screen. You can get a letter revealed by "catching" (clicking on) the butterfly. There is also a Hint option if you are really stuck - you will get a sparkly shimmer around the area where the item is.

Honestly, I find this game totally addictive. The clues can be challenging, and the images are complex. I'm really enjoying it!

Big Fish Games offers games for purchase for Windows and Mac computers, as well as for iPhone and iPad. There are also a selection of free online games. Categories range from puzzles, through arcade, word games, adventure, family, and more. I'm pretty sure you'll find something there you'll like. I would guess you'll find a lot. For starters, just have a look at all their available word games online.

Would you like to try these games out for yourself? As I mentioned, you can download a free one hour trial to try before you buy, for any of their games. Big Fish is also offering free game codes to two Raising My Boys readers, to get you started. You can enter via the Rafflecopter widget below.  Good luck!

Contest is open to both Canada and US. Entries will be accepted until midnight EDT, Sunday, June 10.

Disclaimer: I received compensation and a code to download this game for review. All opinions on this blog remain my own.

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