Saturday, May 12, 2012

How Do You Take Your Mother's Day?

It's that special time of year. A day just for Moms, celebrating all that is mommyhood and our special Mom Superpowers. (You know, things like that special owie-fixing mommy kiss and the way we can hide vegetables in almost any food product.)

It's also a day filled with handmade cards, supervised by our daycare providers and teachers, masses of macaroni crafts and assorted skillfully crafted pieces of artwork. If you're super lucky you may get a necklace made from random sparkly beads or sections of colourful straws. (I not-so-secretly love those - and wear them in public too!)

Sometimes the dads in our lives will also feel the need to procure a store-bought gift for our little darlings to present on Sunday morning. Flowers, chocolates, jewellry, maybe a gift card. It's all good, because it comes from the heart. For me, because it's the start of gardening season, I usually get new garden tools, plants, or a gift certificate to my favourite garden centre. This may seem a little practical for some, but I love it! It feeds my favourite hobby and encourages my little guy to come out and enjoy it with me.

But, what do moms really want on their special day? Expensive jewels? Roses? Brunch at their favourite local haunt? Breakfast in bed?

Or is it sleep? Little Boo piped up this week and announced that he knew exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day - "Peace and Quiet!" And he's mostly right. I don't need the store-bought gifts. I don't need more arts and crafts either (got lots of those thanks - but I do treasure them because they are made with love).

What I'd really love more than anything this Mother's Day is a chance to sleep in. Have coffee and big hugs brought to me in bed. And maybe to have the house to myself for a few hours in the afternoon. For Mother's Day I'd like Daddy to take charge for a bit. I think that's it - I'd like a day off.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there! How are you spending your day? Is it the way you want to spend it? ;)

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  1. I got to sleep in for one whole extra husband barged in because he couldn't find something so I had to....oh well an hour is an hour.
    Happy mothers day xo


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