Friday, May 04, 2012

The latest craze in my home - Bobble Bots

"It's Peppy!!! Mommy, It's Peppy!!"

And that is how Little Boo welcomed his Moshi Monsters Bobble Bots set into our home.
I think he may have been excited.

Have the Moshi Monsters entered your home yet? This is an online game for kids, with a limited social networking aspect, and lots of opportunity for fun and learning (problem-solving, spatial skills, vocabulary, etc.) But mostly it's fun and cute. Little Boo has been a member since last year, and has recently requested a  subscription to their magazine (yay for reading!) He's definitely a fan. There are also collectible figures, trading cards, etc.

He's also a fan of Hexbugs, mini robotic creatures that I reviewed last November on PracticalMum. So when I heard that the good folks behind Hexbugs were coming out with a new mini robot line based on the Moshi Monsters franchise I knew we had to check them out.

Here's Peppy in his garden
Monstro City is the land of the Moshi Monsters and their Moshling pets. These sets can be connected together to  create your own landscape for Bobble Bot play.
This starter set came with two garden plates, three flowers, and other decorations. When not connected to other pieces, the yellow border pieces snap on to create a barrier, keeping the Bobble Bot contained.

The Bobble Bots are built on the same technology as the Hexbug Nanos. Turn them on via a switch on their back and they move independently, negotiating obstacles and exploring their world. Their cute little heads bobble around as they go. There are 24 Moshlings to collect and love, plus a series of habitats that are modeled on the scenes and buildings in the online world of Monstro City. Your pets can explore inside the buildings as well.

Here is a little video that Little Boo wanted to make, as soon as we had Peppy set up:

We had a little trouble with Peppy getting stuck in the corner a couple of times, but he got out of there on his own more times than not. I think he might have been getting caught on that little, green bush. 
Also, it's important to be sure you have the base pieces put together correctly so they provide a flat surface for your new pet to explore.

Each set also comes with a secret code or two to use to unlock new content in the online world. Our codes gave Little Boo's monster a new decoration for his room, plus some "rox," which is the currency within the game. Connecting the online game to this offline creative play is a nice touch.

I suspect there will be more Bobble Bots and more Monstro City sets coming into our home. Creating the play spaces is fun (as we've discovered in playing with our Hexbug Nano sets) and watching these mini robots run around is really entertaining. This toy comes with a two thumbs up review from my mini-reviewer!

You can connect with the Bobble Bots and keep up to date on the latest news on Twitter and Facebook.

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