Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Rainbow Connection

We were driving in and out of rain on our way home today, and Hubs spotted a rainbow up ahead. He excitedly pointed it out to the boys. It was really distinct and clear and beautiful.
(stock photo - not our Toronto city rainbow)

Little Boo asked, "I wonder what is really at the end of the rainbow?"

Cute! He's thinking and questioning. I like it! So I asked him what he thought might be there.

Hubs answered "A box of chocolates!"

You know, like the "Pot of Gold" box y'all used to get at Christmas. Yeah. It's a Dad thing.

Little Boo didn't think so. He decided that at the end of the rainbow there should be three (not one or two - THREE) big buckets of chocolate bars. Aero bars to be exact.

Think he's looking for a sponsorship?


  1. Hahah! Aren't we all?!
    I'm talking about the Areo bars nom nom.

  2. It was so funny! He tried Aero for the first time last week and he is in LOVE!


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