Monday, May 14, 2012

You thought you were done with that??

You went through two, three years of diapers. Months of potty training attempts. Hundreds of accidents. Six pairs of pants (and shirts) a day. Endless middle of the night bed & jammie changes. (If your kids were trained in two weeks I don't want to hear about it. Just sayin'.)

Then, miraculously, one day you were done. Suddenly, without you even realizing it had happened perhaps, your wee one had conquered their capricious bladder and was successfully potty trained. Hallelujah! Unicorns and baby kittens! All is right in the world, and you my friend, you are mom of the year.

Well, you might want to hold up a minute.
You might not be quite done yet.
Accidents can still happen. And you might even hit a patch of regression, even years later.

Sad, but true.

We went through a very frustrating couple of months of nine year-old accidents. These seemed to have been caused by extreme concentration skills at work (darn video games). Re-prioritizing and re-training to listen to his body's signals were in order.

But my couch still suffered.

Last week we had a surprise pee attack by the six year old. In his booster seat. Not the easy little backless booster. Oh no. We have the big, heavy, high-back booster, attached via a tether and UAS anchors.

It's a bitch to move around and an even bigger bitch to clean.

Little Boo? He wasn't even fazed. He sat there wet for over half an hour while we drove home. He didn't complain. He wasn't embarrassed. (He had a really good bubble bath when we got home!)

Even with our previous experience, I wasn't prepared for dealing with pee emergencies anymore. I really thought my days of hauling car seats out and stripping them down were over.

Never say never.  It could happen to you too. Be mentally ready.

The most important thing in all of this is to be relaxed and not make your child feel like they've done something wrong. Be firm, set new rules about activities if need be (video game time limits, for instance). But be understanding. Chances are pretty good your child didn't pee on purpose. I mean, who really wants to sit in that anyway?? If the problem is ongoing in an older child, you should consider checking with your doctor. There could be an infection or some other health issue involved. Or it could be simple inattention. Or maybe a reaction to a change in the household, like a new sibling. Keep an open mind and a patient heart. And maybe a bunch of those Sham-Wow! cloths would come in handy ...

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