Sunday, June 03, 2012

For the Love of Pets - Iams and Eukanuba

It's taken me a while to get to this post, telling you about my experiences at the Behind the Paw Blogger Summit with P&G Pet Care. Partly this is because I've been crazy busy since I got back, but mostly it's because I learned so much and had such an amazing time, I don't know where to start!! So, I decided I'll do two or three posts over the next little while, highlighting the experience and some of the great stuff I learned about P&G Pet Care.

First thing I learned is actually about Dayton, OH. You can't fly there from Toronto. At least not directly. We took two little puddle jumper flights, on 25 seat planes. And we had to walk out on to the tarmac to board. I didn't even know that happened anywhere at Pearson.

When we arrived at our hotel we were greeted by this welcome sign. A nice touch I thought. The hotel is pet friendly, so it was a great match for this event.

Everything about P&G Pet Care is pet friendly. It was the first thing I noticed when meeting the staff at all sites we visited. Introductions always included a listing of family members, including pets. Sometimes numerous pets and farm animals as well. You could really feel the love of animals throughout our tours.

The first stop on our tour was the P&G Pet Health and Nutrition Centre. This Centre is home to a large, professional team of cat and dog food testers, along with the professional staff who care for them. I was impressed with the comfort of the living quarters for the animals. All of the cats and dogs have access to the outdoors if they should so choose. And, in addition to the staff who work there, volunteers come for regular shifts to provide some extra love and attention for these pets.

Exercise time out in the field
In or Out? Can't decide :)
The cats have multiple levels to play and rest, and lots of toys for stimulation.

One of the volunteers playing with the kitties
All of the animals we saw appeared quite happy, healthy and content. We got to have some cuddle time with the dogs in one of the areas and that was especially fun. The animals were very well socialized and friendly. Because the animals in this facility are adopted out at retirement, socialization and comfort in a home environment are a focus. These animals really do live like pets, but with more company and toys than my cat has!

Here are some facts from P&G:

  • We restrict the types of studies we conduct to only those acceptable to human volunteers.
  • This means no invasive or terminal studies are permitted.
  • Our feeding studies are limited to three locations: pet owners’ homes, places where dogs and cats already live (such as Service Dog organizations) or our own state of the art Pet Health and Nutrition Center.
  • More than 70 percent of the dogs and cats in Iams feeding studies are family pets living in private homes.
  • Our animals are adopted into loving homes when their career with us is over. There is a waiting list for our dogs and cats.

I'll post more about our tours in the upcoming weeks, including answers to your questions posed in my pre-visit post.

Disclaimer: My trip to Ohio to tour these facilities was organised and paid by P&G Pet Care. I am under no obligation to post about my trip and all opinions on this blog remain my own.

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