Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gardening with the Sales

Southern Ontario has been experiencing a particularly hot and dry spring and summer.  (And I don't think we're alone.) Because of this (or maybe because of how busy + lazy I've been) my garden is suffering. A friend did come by to water while we were away (much appreciated!), but it has been so crazy hot some things still just did not survive, particularly in my containers. Some annual seeds I planted this spring also never came.

So, I have a number of holes to fill in my garden. I decided today to hit a couple of garden centres to see what I could do.

And you know what? It's the perfect time!!

We are in the middle of July, and traditional planting season is essentially over. But the growing season still has time, and there's lots that can still go in the ground or your containers. Garden centres are gearing down and getting ready to close for the year, so they have some fabulous discounts happening!

If you have some spots you need to fill in your garden, or are looking for a new hanging plant or container arrangement, this is the perfect time to visit the garden centre at your local supermarket or big box store. Some are already closed, but those that are in clearance mode are a dream!

This is what I got this morning at our RCSS garden centre:

That's 24 plants (including 2 six-packs of marigolds). It cost me $12.80.  For reals. Other than two specialty plants ($4 and $3), everything was either 50 cents or 25 cents. Wow!

Some plants may look a bit rough at this stage of the season, but check near the soil for new growth. If you see little leaves and shoots coming through, you have a healthy root system and the plant should bounce back once you introduce it to your garden. And heck, if you're buying an herb for 25 cents and it dies? What have you really lost?

This parsley has healthy new shoots coming up from the roots, and I look to this rather than to the yellowing growth above.

This perennial may be looking lanky and broken, but it is spreading out everywhere with new growth!

At this stage of the summer, vegetable plants will probably be hard to come by. I had been hoping to replace my cucumbers that had died, but no luck. I did still find tomatoes, herbs, and some fruits and berries though.

The really insane deals will be found at the seasonal garden centres, but even the professional garden centres that operate year-round have good sales now. I found these really healthy and large strawberry plants at my local Sheridan Nurseries. They had all fruits and berries on sale 30% off.
$12 each for very well-produced strawberry plants.
So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and find those deals! Then come home and get your hands dirty :)

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