Monday, July 16, 2012

Minimize Monday - July 16

I think my horoscope yesterday was really appropriate to this:

You've got to settle down and decide on what has to go -- there's too much stuff, too many people or maybe even too many thoughts crowding your mental space. Trim the fat and move on.

There's truth there on many levels, but I am just focused on the "stuff" for now.

This weekend I gathered up some old pots that have been littering my deck after planting.
These will go to a neighbour who cultivates plants for an annual sale. He loves to receive old pots that he can re-use. So much better than sending these to landfill. Some garden centres also will collect these for recycling.

I also has a look through Little Boo's dresser, after his latest growth spurt. The boxes are for Once Upon a Child. Right now they are buying fall/winter, so that box goes tonight. The spring/summer stuff will be stored til they start buying that in the fall.The second picture is some clothes and a bedspread for the Salvation Army.

I feel like all I do is get rid of clothes, but with a growing boy, I guess that just makes sense :)

What about you? Did you get rid of any excess baggage this week? Leave a comment and let me know.

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