Monday, July 23, 2012

Minimize Monday - July 23

I was kind of forced into this particular purge, I will admit. Our refrigerator was leaking water all over the floor, and the guides for the crisper drawers were broken off.  It had to go.  
We also were the not-so-proud owners of a huge, ancient, power-guzzling chest freezer. I was done with that behemoth.

So last weekend we made the plunge, and I went out and finally bought a new fridge (bottom mount pull-out freezer!) and upright freezer. They were being delivered on Wednesday, so I dove in Monday night and started the big purge. 

It was a little scary.

Yes, that is an expiry date from 2008. I actually remember tossing these yogourt tubes in the freezer a couple of days before that expiry date. Instead of throwing them out I thought they'd make good frozen treats for the coming hot days.
Four years later I found them in behind a bunch of frozen crusts of bread.

I may have food hoarding issues.

Look at all that ice and freezer burn!

I know I could/should have gone through all of this properly and composted it. But I honestly didn't have the energy. It all went into the trash. 
I couldn't believe I had a full garbage bag of frost-bitten, questionable food items in our two freezers.  Although it is an easy situation to get into when you have a chest freezer where you can't even reach the bottom. Everything tends to build up and get lost.

But now we are starting fresh and the upright freezer in particular will be great - I can see everything that is in there, which means it won't be forgotten and go to waste. Plus, both appliances are hugely more energy efficient than the old ones. Better for the environment and our power bills.

Did you get rid of anything this week? Let me know in the comments how you lightened your load.

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