Friday, July 20, 2012

The Buzz in My Cup

If you are at all squeamish or frightened by stinging insects, you might want to skip this post.
The other evening I was puttering around my garden, a little weeding here, a little trimming there. I decided to treat myself with a nice refreshing glass of my white wine sangria, left over from a recent get-together. 
(I know! Leftover wine! I'm sorry for disappointing you.)

I enjoyed my drink in between visits to the garden beds, leaving it on the patio while I worked.
And apparently some uninvited party guests happened along and decided to enjoy my drink as well.
Not five minutes was I away from that glass. I swear!
Day 1 (5ish minutes after stepping away from the glass)

And that is what I found on my return. Needless to say I had to snap a pic. Then, as I was about to toss it out, I thought, why not? Let's see how many more wasps (or bees or whatever they are) I can get with this glass. So I left it there. Let's call it my little science experiment on flying insect behaviour.

Day 2 - Hey! We got a moth.

Day 3 - see all the dead ones at the bottom?
This has officially now gotten too gross for me, so the experiment has to end. I do find it fascinating that the scent of death means nothing to these little critters.The temptation of the sweet, sweet wine and fruit is simply too much for them to resist.

At least there's a few fewer stinging nasties in our yard now.

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