Sunday, July 01, 2012


We've been going through some pretty crappy crap here lately. It's been hectic. We're all cranky and on edge and exhausted. I thought both boys could use some one-on-one time this weekend.

So, Saturday, the Teen and Hubs went to a Jays game. (We won!) And I spent the day with Little Boo.

And, for a change, I really spent the day with him. I didn't blog. I only briefly checked in to Facebook and Twitter. We ran a couple of errands in the morning, but that included walking to the Dollarama (his favourite store) for a little toy and some sidewalk paint.  We did spend some time on the computer, but that was on iTunes downloading some music he wanted. We browsed together and talked about his choices and why he liked them (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and that godawful Carly Rae Jepsen song).

Then we went outside and listened to music and played in the sprinkler and gardened, and enjoyed some frozen treats, before venturing out front to get messy.

And we did some bug collecting, with his new Dollarama bug house. He had quite the farm going there for a while before we set everyone free. We named (most of) the types of bugs and saw some circle of life when a grub I dug out of the garden tried to eat one of the potato bugs.

This little yellow guy came crawling up on me at one point. Anyone know who he is?

We really just hung out and enjoyed each others' company. It felt so good to unplug and forget about the blog, and the housework for that matter. I gave myself permission to let go and just enjoy this first weekend of summer vacation with my little boy.

We ended the day with all of us back together for a meaty BBQ.

This? This was pretty much perfect. I really have to do it more often.

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  1. That's wonderful!! I'm sure they enjoyed the time they spent with each of you.


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