Saturday, August 11, 2012

Drink Your Water!

I try really hard to get my eight glasses of water in every day. I don't always hit my goal, but I do a pretty good job of staying hydrated.  The water cooler at my office is a big help, and I re-fill my water glass regularly throughout the day when I'm there. When I'm out and about, especially in the warmer months, I always carry a water bottle.

Let's be clear - I don't carry bottled water. I fill a bottle at home, often adding some ice, and then refill throughout the day as the opportunity arises. Buying bottled water has never really made a lot of sense to me, since it's so easy to get water for free from my tap or water fountains. And the environmental impact of all those discarded bottles, even if they are being recycled, has got to be huge.

One issue with tap water or water from public fountains can be taste.  I started using a Brita pitcher years ago to filter my water, primarily for taste. Plus it's nice to drink really cold water straight from the fridge.

Now, it's possible to enjoy filtered water even on the go, with Brita's individual filter bottles. The adult-sized bottles (591 ml) have been available for a while, although two new colours (navy and purple) are being launched this month. But now they are being joined by a new smaller bottle (384 ml), designed especially with kids in mind.
Brita kids water bottle

Kids’ Bottle Product Details:
• 384 mL squeezable Kids’ bottle
• Available in three bright, fun colours and kid-friendly styles:
Pink Butterflies, Navy Blue Sports and Green Squares
• Recommended for kids ages 4-8
• Reduces chlorine taste and odour from tap water
• BPA free and recyclable
• Replace the bottle filter every 393 servings, two months or 151 Litres (1 serving = 384 mL)
• Dishwasher safe (top shelf only)
• Softer side wall for little hands to squeeze
• MSRP: 1 Bottle with 1 Filter: $8.99; 2 Pack of Filters: $7.99

I received the Brita Kids' Water Bottle in the sports design for Little Boo to try.  He's been using it during our vacation travels to keep hydrated (and avoid stops to buy soft drinks). The size is great for small hands and small appetites. Because it is squeezable it is easy to hold and to drink from. The filter connects under the sipper top and ensures fresh tasting water with every sip. The filters are really easy to insert, remove and replace. This would be great for bringing to school and refilling from the fountains. The bottle is BPA free and dishwasher safe, two points I always look for. I've been using one of the full-sized bottles as well and really like the sleek design and the finger loop for carrying.

Brita recommends replacing the filter about every 151 litres. So, just one filter can replace around 300 of the regular-sized 500 ml water bottles. That's a pretty great savings. If you have been choosing bottled water over reusable bottles, because of taste preferences, this is definitely a product you should check out.

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