Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Let's Go To The Ex!

photo credit: TheEx.com
I lived in Toronto for many years before I finally ventured to the Canadian National Exhibition one summer.  I've never been good with crowds, so I was always a little hesitant. But one year I took the plunge and we brought the Teen (who was then not-so-teen).

I loved it!

It has since become an annual tradition for our family, as it is with so many others.

But last year I started what I hope will be a new tradition - Mom's Night Out at The Ex! My Friday night gal's group moved our weekly meet-up down to The Ex grounds for a little grown-up fun.  We had talked about hitting the massive shopping extravaganza that takes over the Direct Energy Centre, but we didn't make it that far. Instead we ate our way through the grounds to the Food Building.  We played some games of chance, won a few bucks and a giant banana. Did a couple of rides (well, I didn't, but my friends did). And we spent a good bit of our evening enjoying some beverages and fabulous live music at the outdoor Striker's Bar & Grill.

How much laughing did we do?! It was a fabulous night for just us girls, freed from responsibility for our families for a few hours. We reconnected with our inner kids and had an absolute blast. There is so much to do at The Ex for the grown-up set. Just check out the list of concerts and events for starters.

Tonight it's mommy's turn again. We are heading down to gorge ourselves on foods high in yumminess and calories, low in nutritional value. I will be pushing for RibFest. Or at least Bacon Nation in the Food Building. I can't wait to try my luck at the darts games and maybe catch some of the Elvis tribute show that's on tonight. What I know for sure is that good times will be had, with good friends. Mommy needs her nights out to help keep her stable and relieve some of the stress of it all.

Everyone knows a happy mommy = a happy family :)

The CNE runs through Labour Day (Monday, Sept. 3). We'll be heading back as a family this weekend so we can catch the Air Show and the SuperDogs.

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