Friday, August 24, 2012

New Toy Sensation - ROXX

We may be at the height of back-to-school season, but we're already talking Christmas in our house. I think Little Boo is worse than the stores for rushing the seasons along. At least where giftable seasons are concerned. Have you begun to wonder what the hot new toy will be this year? You know every year there's one or two new to the market that get the kids really excited and sell out super fast. For holiday gift-giving 2012, I predict the "it" toy will be ROXX.

These collectible game pieces from TCG (a Canadian company) feature cool designs that will appeal to school-aged and tween kids. There are action figures, skate and grunge themes, humourous designs. Even a cookie! Each series of ROXX will include 72 uniquely numbered designs. Some designs are more rare than others. Plus, there are differing backgrounds on the logo sides of the classic ROXX. All of this makes for major collect-ability. I can see a lot of schoolyard trading going on at recess time.

Little Boo and I were introduced to these toys at a launch event earlier this week. The kids (and adults) were all having a blast flipping and spinning the ROXX disks. You can play with these in so many ways, making up your own tricks and competitions as you go, or by practising the tricks that are included on the cards you get with your ROXX.  There are also lots of accessories, like the Rockett launcher Little Boo is demonstrating in the picture above, and the Skullzz battle game pictured in the large image above. In Skullzz you have to slide and flip your ROXX around the game mat. It comes with three target cups you can use in the game or for free play.

ROXX are kind of like marbles back in my day - lots of games to play, and many varieties to add to your collection. You can join in competitions with your friends to win ROXX, or trade to expand your collection.

An important aspect for my wired child, ROXX has an online presence at Sign up for free, and you can log all of your ROXX in your online locker to earn badges and ROXX Stokk (points). The site is still new, but it looks like there are plans to include online games for ROXX Nation members as well. Little Boo can't wait!  And, of course, an app is on its way! The ROXX Image Station will allow you to scan the image on your ROXX for fun mobile play. I'm looking forward to checking that one out.

You can find ROXX now at WalMart stores, and they are coming soon to ToysRUS. The prices are really reasonable, making the toys accessible for most. I predict these will seriously take off.

The ROXX team are making appearances at lots of events this summer to promote this fun toy.  You can keep in the know about events and products by joining the ROXX Nation on Facebook and Twitter.

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