Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation Stress

You, dear reader, are probably far more stable than am I, so this is likely not an issue for you. Or maybe I'm not alone. You decide.

I always overplan and overestimate my ability to get things done on my vacation list of must-dos and must-sees. I push myself and add stress to my life, just when it's supposed to be getting restful.  I dream big about everything I can squeeze in, and convince myself that it's all necessary.

I set myself up for disappointment.

This is always at its worst for my trips home to Newfoundland. I want to see everyone and do everything. I try to pack a year's worth of love and fun and friendship into 2 weeks. And it really can't be done. At some point I realise this and convince myself to focus on the positive and those people with whom I did get to reconnect. And this trip really has been good and full, in spite of illness. I just have to cut myself some slack, and ask forgiveness of those I didn't manage to fit in.

Of course, now with Little Boo there is the added pressure of trying to ensure he has a fun time and gets to experience my home, and his heritage. And then there are all the folks who want a chance to see him too.

Well, earlier this week when I asked him what was left on his list of to-do's, he brought me back to reality a bit. He said all he needed to do now was eat at his favourite restaurant (Jungle Jim's) and spend more time with his cousins. Done.

I thought I'd share with you some pics of our trip, as I pack up this afternoon to head back to Toronto. My province is beautiful and welcoming. If you haven't visited, you really should. And if you have, well, you should come back again :)

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