Friday, August 03, 2012

Vacation Time!!

Yes, I am travelling again. I am so sick of planes I could scream. But, this time the trip is for me and Little Boo to head home to Newfoundland for just over 2 weeks to visit family. I'm looking forward to enjoying some quiet time with my parents tonight, and Little Boo is bouncing off the walls with excitement at seeing them and his cousins.

It'll be great!

It's a very different beast, packing for a trip home. The negative is the changeable weather and the need to pack for four seasons. (Only partly exaggerating. Jeans have come out of the drawers for the first time in months.) But, at home I can borrow clothes, shoes, coats from my mom. Toiletries are mostly there (but I have to bring my favourite shampoo). And of course, we can always just run to the store.

Packing for Little Boo becomes easier each year. When I think of the bottles and sippy cups and other feeding implements I used to have to bring. And then the portable DVD player with multiple disks (thank you iPad!) The toys, the car seat, the stroller. It was a major operation. I would pack just a few diapers in the diaper bag, but then make a trip to the store immediately on arrival for diapers, wipes, baby food, etc.

Now? Clothes, shoes, a light jacket. Some books, a couple of toys, crayons and paper for the plane. Plus the iPad of course. And we're done. He pulls his own carry-on and is very self-sufficient. Mommy's little helper.

So, you may hear from me more. You may hear from me less. Not sure yet how this trip will play out.  I'll try to highlight some of our vacation destinations as we experience them. Especially if we see whales on our whale tour! Don't worry, there will be pictures!!

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