Sunday, October 21, 2012

Be Prepared with Telus Health Emergency Profile

I grew up knowing all about MedicAlert. My Dad is diabetic, and his MedicAlert bracelet provided a sense of security for us all. If he ever did have an episode and lose consciousness, or couldn't form the words to ask for the right help, that bracelet would speak for him. One time he was in line at a corner store and realised he was about to pass out. He grabbed behind the cashier for a chocolate bar. She started to protest, but seeing his bracelet she understood there was urgency and immediately turned to help him.

Today, the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation is parterning with Telus Health to offer a new and modern tool to help all families keep track of their important medical information and have it ready when needed. This new Emergency Profile tool is a FREE, secure online record-keeping tool where you can store all of your and your family's pertinent medical information in one place, allowing you and your health care providers quick and easy access to information you need in an emergency.

I don't know about you, but I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast, let alone the dosage of my meds. Forget about me remembering the details of all the prescriptions for my husband and parents! This tool allows you to store information on medical conditions, allergies, prescriptions, and more. The information is all stored securely in the TELUS health space platform, which is certified by Canada Health Infoway (CHI) and consistent with CHI’s security and confidentiality standards.

Sign-up is really easy.
1. Visit
2. Click on “Get started”
3. Enter basic information
4. Enter health information and emergency contacts
5. Save information
6. View, print and share information

You can print out your Emergency Profile on a wallet card to carry with you or share. You can also share your information by email, including password protection. Do you need to share information on your child's condition with a new babysitter? Print out the profile or send her an email invitation to share. You have complete control over who has access and what specific parts of the profile they can see. You can give view only, or view and modify access.

We've had a lot of family illness this year, as you know, and quite a few trips to the emergency department. The nurses and doctors always have lots of important questions about pre-existing conditions and any medications being taken. It is so difficult to remember all of the salient details when you are in the midst of a medical emergency. Being able to log in to a secure website and pass your smart phone or tablet over to the medical staff sounds like a dream. I've signed my family up and entered our info. I like the feeling of security it's giving me, and I think you will too. Check it out for yourself!

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