Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun with Fall Leaves

autumn leaves
Aren't the colours of fall just beautiful? One of my favourite activities is to take a walk in the woods and enjoy the variety of hues and the different shapes of the leaves. And of course, we love to collect the fallen leaves and bring them home to marvel over.  When I was little, my Nan taught me how to preserve special leaves by pressing them inside the pages of a heavy book. And we also preserved some by pressing them in wax paper.

This year I shared these activities with Little Boo.  We went a little crazy and collected two bags full of leaves.  I recommend storing your leaves in a plastic bag if you aren't going to press them right away. The plastic keeps them safe from the air and stops them from drying and curling up before you are ready to work with them.

The easiest way to preserve a leaf is to press it inside a heavy book. But once you take it out it will be prone to crumble. To keep your leaves longer, you can press them between two sheets of waxed paper.

What you need:
beautifully coloured, fresh leaves
waxed paper
an iron
tea towel

Confession: I didn't actually use a tea towel, just ironed right on the waxed paper.  All you do is lay out a sheet of the paper, waxed side up. Place your leaves. Add another sheet of the paper, waxed side down. Then press with a dry iron. Don't iron for too long, or you will just dry up all of the wax and it won't stick. It only takes a few seconds. Just experiment with the heat of your own iron to see what works. Once the wax has melted and stuck, you can cut out around the leaves in whatever shape you wish. Your preserved leaves can be used as bookmarks, placed in a frame, or added to handmade greeting cards. Have fun!

Another fun thing to do with leaves is rubbings. Great for any age, since no hot iron is involved. Just choose your leaves and a coloured pencil or crayon. Place a sheet of plain paper over your leaf on a hard surface, and use the side of the pencil or crayon to lightly rub over the whole surface of the leaf. You will create an impression of your leaf that you can use for other creations, or simply hang on your fridge or wall. Little Boo loved this activity!

How do you celebrate fall? Would love to hear your ideas!

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  1. I remember doing this activity in kindergarten. I loved it.


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