Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mom's Sick Leave: Weeks 1-2 Recap

Somehow I am already finished week 2 of my 6 week sick leave. I thought it might be smart to check in here and let you all know how it's going. It's really about accountability. I'm not good at looking after myself.

Week 1 was a bit of a blur. I slept. A lot. Like til 2 in the afternoon some days. I did haul my butt out to attend an event and shuttle Little Boo to karate a couple of times.

Then my best friends' mom got sick. So naturally I slipped into support mode for her and spent a couple of evenings/nights in the ICU. It was scary and stressful, but things are looking good now. Thank goodness. But, seriously? Am I cursed? It feels like so much bad is happening all around me. Thankfully my friend doesn't blame me. I don't think. (Kidding! Sort of.)

Of course the week ended with all the wonders that make up bloggy women conferences. I attended Shes Connected on Friday and Blissdom Canada Saturday and Sunday. And I didn't sleep. I chatted and laughed and drank Starbucks coffee and lots of wine and sang karaoke and danced and and and .... It just about killed me. But I loved every minute of my conferences! It was definitely not a restful experience, but it was a fabulous boost to my mental and emotional health, as well as a great learning and connecting opportunity.

Oh. And I got another cold. Sore throat, hacking cough. What fun. Also meant I couldn't visit the ICU. Maybe the powers that be had something to do with that.

Week 2 began with me going to bed at 4pm once I got home from Blissdom. I slept til 1pm the next day. (You think I might be sick?)

I still haven't managed to do any exercise. My breathing is still too wonky for that. But I am starting to do some chores around the house. And I am writing. Both are good and excellent therapy for me.

On Wednesday I saw my doctor, and she told me I sounded terrible. But she also told me I looked great and my make-up was beautiful.

I love my doctor.

Although I am not on track with the tasks she assigned, she was understanding and supportive, so that helped.

Perhaps the lowlight of my week was the afternoon I went to get in the van and found both front windows open. Seriously? They'd been open all night of course. My first thought was for Edna. Not that I really give a crap for her safety, but Hubs would be devastated were she to go missing. But she was still there. As was the $300+ car seat. Next thought? What the hell might have made a new home for themselves in our cozy car? I mean, we have a garbage container full of half-eaten 6yo snacks. That has got to be enticing.  Remember the squirrel fiasco?? I pictured the neighbourhood raccoons having a big ol' party there and passing out in the back. But it seems they were otherwise engaged. Dodged a bullet there for sure.

Anyway, I think I'm doing not so badly. I am resting as much as I can and getting little bits of things done.

Yesterday I cooked a lovely meal for my family and today I'm relaxing in front of a roaring fire. (The weather is wet and cold, so the fireplace is open for the season already.) (Well, I also baked cookies for my sick Teen and cleaned the kitchen.) I'm seeing friends and trying not to put pressure on myself. So far so good!

Do you have any suggestions for me for good ways to relax? Let me know! Or, feel free to come over and sit on me so I take a break.

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