Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shopping with Sears Points #SearsClubPoints

Who doesn't remember the excitement of pouring over the Sears Christmas Wish Book each year as a kid, coloured pencil in hand, ready to circle (everything) some key items to go on our wish list? As Canadians I think we all grew up with Sears, whether we lived in a larger centre and shopped in-store, or were perhaps more remote and ordered from the catalogue to be delivered to our local outlet. I know I have a long history as a Sears customer, and as a Sears credit card holder.

Sears customers these days have a pretty great loyalty program to their benefit. When you sign up for a Sears Financial™ Mastercard® or regular Sears Card, you’re automatically enrolled in the Sears Club™ Points Program. That means you can get up to 2% back in rewards every time you shop! Whatever you buy,  for you, the kids, the house, travel, you are rewarded with points you can redeem on merchandise in store, online at, or through catalogue orders via their 800 number. Every 1,000 points earned is worth $10 at Sears, or you can donate points to Sears in Your Community. Pretty sweet, hey?

Since Sears carries such a huge range of products, from clothing to toys, jewelry to kettles, lawnmowers to stoves, perfume to big screen TVs, the range of items on which you can earn and redeem is fabulous.  I regularly save my Sears Club Points and redeem them at the end of each year to help with Christmas purchases, whether gift items or for decorating.

Most recently I used a Sears Club Reward card both online, to buy a fabulous pair of boots for me, and in store, to pick up a couple of pairs of sweatpants for Little Boo. 

As an aside, do you have any idea how hard it is to find sweatpants for 6 year old boys with a bottom cuff? Next to impossible is the answer. The style now is straight leg, with no cuff, but they aren't as cozy. I was so relieved to find a line at Sears with the cuffs! So I bought two pairs. Check them in, pass the cashier the Reward card. Done. It was super easy, just like any gift card. No signatures or anything. 

Online the process is a little different. The shopping itself on is really straightforward. The menus and filtering options are great, including being able to filter by size and colour for many footwear and clothing items. I can easily narrow down my browsing by eliminating any style of dress that doesn't come in a 12, for instance. I was looking for boots, so I narrowed to boots available in size 6, and found this fab pair of Clarks:

They arrived today, and I love them! Now until December 20, shipping to your home is free for orders over $75 and less than 65lbs. Shipping to a Sears location is always free (other than some remote outlets I believe).

But back to my Sears Club Points. When you order online, your purchase is actually charged to your Sears credit card. Then the available balance on your Sears Club Reward card is credited against that charge. Make sense? It is an additional step on the Sears end, but it works out the same on the customer side. You just have to enter an extra set of numbers.

I like that I am given the remaining balance as well - $31.74 left to spend on me! (Or on underwear for Hubs, or whatever.)

Overall, I am a fan of the Sears Club Points. The variety of merchandise and services available at Sears makes it very close to one stop shopping for me, and knowing that I am getting rewards back on every dollar I spend there? Excellent!

Disclosure – I am participating in the Sears Club Points program by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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