Monday, October 08, 2012


This year I am having a hard time finding things for which to be thankful. It's been an incredibly taxing time in our lives, with illness and hospitalizations, and deaths. I am stretched beyond my limits, emotionally and physically. I really can't wait for this year to end. (As if the calendar has anything to do with these trials.)

Basically, I have been a great big ball of negativity for a while now. But I need to turn that around.

Because, throughout all these miserable events, I have seen the faces of true friendship. Friends have lent me an ear or given me a much-needed kick in the pants. They've picked up Little Boo from school when I couldn't. They've kept him overnight when I had to be at the hospital. One weekend I think three separate gals took him in, figuring out the arrangements amongst themselves so that he was cared for through the two days, and I didn't have to worry about the details.

Other friends have given me love and support from afar, or given me heck when they have found out after the fact. My friends want to help. I'm not alone. And I know I am truly blessed. For my friends and their love, I am truly thankful.

And, although work is a stressor, when I stop and take a moment to think about it, I am thankful as well for the support I have received there. Time off, extra hands, colleagues working weekends so I wouldn't have to. I am lucky to work in an understanding and supportive environment. I probably would have been fired by now otherwise.

I am thankful that I have been able to find a new family doctor for my whole family to see together. That is no small feat these days. She is young and smart, eager and caring. I feel that we are in good hands.

Last but not least, as they say, I am of course thankful for my family, especially my boys. We may not be totally healthy, and we may be a smaller family than we were not so long ago, but we are here for each other. That's a pretty big deal if you ask me.

So, yes. I guess I do have a lot for which to be thankful. I just have to remember to step back from the chaos so that I can see it from time to time.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving??

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