Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HGG2012 - Jewellery As Memento

I think it's time for Mommy gifts on the Holiday Gift Guide. I was approached earlier this fall by a jewellery designer, Tina Roeder, who works with reclaimed sterling silver to craft beautiful keepsakes. I'll let her tell you about her approach to her art:
I specialize in creating finely crafted jewellery as lasting personal mementos, from drawings and handwritten script. Sentimental, yes, but not sappy! I can make your child’s drawing come alive as a playful pair of earrings. Or that sweet sentiment written by your little one (or your partner!) can be transformed into a treasured pendant. I use a process called photoetching to transfer and etch any drawing or handwritten script onto a sheet of sterling silver. I then carefully craft this into unique contemporary jewellery using traditional metalsmithing techniques.
I particularly enjoy doing custom work because each piece has it’s own story and presents a new challenge for me. In a culture of mass production, I strive for a personalized, intimate experience with each piece I make. And my job never gets boring.
Doesn't she sound happy with her work? I love that! I was intrigued with her work, and so I sent her a pdf of a special piece done by Little Boo in Junior Kindergarten:

Simple lines translate the best, so keep this in mind when choosing a sample to preserve. I asked her to try to incorporate a heart, as well as some part of the words to get the "I love you, Mommy" sentiment. Tina suggested a locket, and sent me proofs before completing the project. This is the beautiful piece she made for me:

The outside, exquisite curlicues
locket I love you Mommy
Wonderful sentiment inside, in LB's own handwriting
When she sent me these images, I almost cried. I surprised myself with how emotional I became seeing my baby's handwriting preserved in this way. The front disc of the locket can be engraved with a design like mine, an initial, or can be personalised. For instance, I could have had another portion of his art used for the cover.

I am wearing this everywhere. The work is very high quality, and I am receiving compliments on this wherever I go. Little Boo is quite touched that I am wearing his words. His reaction was cute, because he questioned how he used to write such small letters, when now he writes so big. I laughed and explained that Tina's process reduces the size of his letters, while keeping the exact shape and every line. The detail achieved in the smaller scale is fantastic.

These memory pieces would make a really meaningful gift for any woman in your life. A charm bracelet for Grandma, perhaps? With charms inscribed with messages or artwork from each of her grandkids? Or, you can do what my bestie did, and just email the link for Tina's shop to your partner with a less than subtle hint about your own gift list.

All items come in a lovely, 100% post-consumer recycled gift box, making them ready to give:
gift box
image from tinaroeder.ca
Tina has an extensive custom line, including pendants, cuff bracelets, charm bracelets, these lockets, earrings and illuminated initials. Visit her website for details on how to order from this personalised line (super easy), or you can link to her Etsy shop to view and purchase from her entire collection. Tina is located in Kingston, ON, so I'm doubly happy to be supporting an Ontario artisan. She does ship to the U.S. as well, with very reasonable shipping rates, so my American readers can enjoy her designs as well. And she's quick. She can normally produce a custom piece within 2 weeks (add time for shipping, depending on your location).

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