Monday, November 05, 2012

IAMS Home 4 the Holidays

orange and white DSH cat
That's my little PJ Tricky. My shortest and furriest boy. He was inspecting Little Boo's haul on Hallowe'en night, but stopped briefly to pose for the camera. He's been with me since he was just 7 weeks old, back in 1999. I kind of had to fight his kitty momma for him, since she didn't want to see him go. She apparently knew he was the one I had come for, as she abandoned her other kitten in the middle of the rug and dragged PJ under the couch and lay down in front of him. It kind of broke my heart to separate them, but I know she would be happy with the home and family we have given him these last 13 years. He and our other, departed, pets have always been members of our family, bringing great joy to us. I can't imagine our home without pets, and we are currently discussing the possibility of adopting another dog.

From October 1 - January 2, Iams Home 4 the Holidays will be partnering with thousands of animal organizations across North America, dedicated to finding forever homes for orphaned pets. Founded by the Helen Woodward Animal Center and supported by Iams, the campaign began in 1999 with just 14 participating animal shelters in San Diego County. Since it began 14 years ago, Iams Home 4 the Holidays has helped more than 7 million families experience the joy of pet adoption, including more than 1.2 million pet adoptions last year alone.

Canadians can participate in the program in more ways than one. Lend a hand by:
  • Donating through Bags 4 Bowls – For those who are already pet parents, Iams will donate one bowl of food to a participating Iams Home 4 the Holidays animal organization for every specially marked package of Iams pet food purchased during the campaign. (You're buying pet food anyway! Look for these bags.)
  • Adopting from a local shelter – Every day more and more animals end up in shelters or in rescue care, and many are pure breeds. This is important to keep in mind when deciding to bring a pet into your life - the animal you’re looking for may very well be in your neighbourhood shelter. To find a participating animal shelter or rescue organization near you, visit or
  • Volunteering – Shelters need volunteers to do everything from feeding, caring for and keeping rescue animals company, to assisting at events and fundraisers. If you can’t adopt but would still love to help you can do so as a volunteer.
  • Visiting – Visit the Iams Facebook page and click to “Like” or share the Rescue Pet of the Day, and they’ll donate meals to participating animal shelters.
At, you can also help by signing up for their Iams Lifelong Rewards program. You will receive a monthly e-newsletter, with money-saving coupons, events information, and customised pet care advice from pet experts, while a local pet rescue or shelter will receive meals for their orphaned pets. Sounds like a win-win to me. Let's help some furry friends to find a forever home this year, through our donations and spreading the word!

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