Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jumping in the Leaves

Another favourite fall activity around here is jumping in the leaves. The raking part that must be done first usually takes some convincing, but the jumping part is always a hit. This may have been our warmest leaf day ever. I think it hit 19 degrees, and Little Boo was out in short sleeves.

Important to see just how far into the pile you can burrow.

My boys working together.
brothers together

Our carpet of red leaves from the Japanese maple.

Raking leaves is a lot of hard work, especially if you have lots of mature trees on your property and in your neighbourhood, like we do. But it's such a fun thing to do together as a family and great to be out getting some fresh air. It may be tempting to let the leaves sit over the winter, but they will form a layer and suffocate your lawn if you do. What is a good idea though, is to run over the leaves with a mulching lawnmower, and then rake a think layer of mulched leaves onto your flower beds, also leaving some on your lawn. Because they are mulched, they won't suffocate what's beneath them, but they will provide a great protective layer against the cold, and will also decompose into fabulous organic material to enrich your soil and feed your plants come spring.

We'll do that with the next layer of leaves to fall. You know, when it's too cold to rake. 

Just a few bags is all

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