Saturday, November 03, 2012

Kids and Clocks

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Back in the BK days ("before kids" of course) "Fall Back" was my favourite night of the year. In my 20s, it meant an extra hour dancing at the clubs. In my early 30s, it meant an extra hour of sleep. Of course, there was that one bad year, when I was 17 and working at BK ("Burger King" this time). I started work at 6am on the weekends to open the restaurant. (Yeah, I know.) I really wasn't impressed when I walked in to find  the maintenance guys with the grill taken apart all over my kitchen at 5:45. I may have flipped on them, in all my 17yo self-righteousness. Then they pointed out it was only 4:45, didn't I remember to change my clock? Sigh. Tail between my legs I went into the crew room and went back to sleep on the cold, molded plastic bench.

Fast forward to the life of a parent. Fall Back is now just a cruel joke. The kids don't know the difference. Their little internal clocks still wake them up at the crack of foolish. And of course they then wake you up, even if they don't mean to. (Noisy little creatures they are.) You can try keeping them up a little later for a few nights of training (15 minutes a night or so for 3 or 4 nights are recommended). But really, you just end up entertaining them later each night, right? Though I'm sure it makes it easier on the kids, so it would be a good practice.

Really, in the life of a parent, the extra hour we get back as interest on our Daylight Savings really just means an extra hour of Sunday. Do with it what you will. Make the most of it! Bake some cookies, clean out that closet, go for a nature walk if it's a nice day, or go outside and rake those fallen leaves. Then jump in them for all you're worth. With your kids. Enjoy your extra hour awake with them, and make some fun fall memories. But be sure to be ready with one of these:

Be sure to remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors. And if you have a home alarm system with battery-powered sensors, or a battery back-up, be sure to switch those out as well.  The time officially falls back one hour at 2am Sunday morning. Your cable boxes and phones will likely re-set themselves, but good luck with the stove, the coffee maker, the microwave, DVD player, programmable thermostat, car radio, etc., etc. Welcome back to Standard Time!

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