Monday, November 05, 2012

RMB - Holiday Gift Guide Coming Soon!

Now that we've passed by Hallowe'en, the stores are moving full-speed into Christmas. Many actually started displaying their holiday decor even alongside the ghosts and goblins. And there's been a lot of conversation these past few days about the appropriateness of Christmas music and decorations this early in the year. Some are saying wait until after Remembrance Day, out of respect. Some would rather wait until December arrives. And others point to the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, or American Thanksgiving as milestones.

In our house, we wait until December to decorate, though I will likely start to dabble in Christmas tunes before then. Here on my blog though, it is time to launch my first ever Holiday Gift Guide. I think a gift guide is a little different than decorating. I tend to start my holiday shopping quite early, as I like to spread out the expense over a number of pay periods. Plus, if I see a great deal on an item I know someone will love, or spy a rare find, I simply have to pick it up on the spot. So, it only makes sense to start sharing some great gift ideas now, and even toss in a few giveaways for good measure, right?

So, starting this week, and running into the first week of December or so, be on the lookout for some of my finds and suggestions, designed to help make your holiday gift giving maybe a little easier this year. Look for this sign, and you'll know a product has received the Raising My Boys Seal of Approval:

I'll be including all of these items under a special tab above so you can easily find them. You can also search for "Holiday Gift Guide" to come up with a list. And, if you are a business or PR firm with a product you would like me to consider for inclusion, you can submit your information here.

I'm excited to share ideas with you! I kinda love buying gifts for people :)

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