Sunday, November 11, 2012

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town (Mrs. Claus Too!)

In just one short week, the Jolly Old Elf will be making a visit to our fair city for the 108th annual Toronto Santa Claus Parade. And for the second time, Mrs. Claus will be joining him, on her own special float. I was lucky enough to meet this famous couple at the Santa Claus Parade media preview event last week. I also got a chance to check out the massive warehouse filled with the floats under construction. It was a really interesting look into how the floats are put together.
Santa Claus Parade; float
The happy couple pose for the cameras
Santa Claus Parade
Mrs. Claus's float
Canadian Tire is the proud sponsor of Mrs. Claus's float. They have decorated it to capture the homey feel of her own living room at the North Pole, using decorations and items available in their stores.
I'm a big fan of the KitchenAid stand mixers. Are you listening, Hubby?
Mrs. Claus may not be a mom, but she does have a full household of elves to look after, and a husband who works long hours, including an intense night shift on the 24th of December. I took to opportunity to ask her some questions about her own Christmas celebrations and how she prepares.
RMB: How are your preparations coming along at the North Pole for your own Christmas?

Mrs. C.: Oh they’re coming along really, really well.  They elves are just fantastic helpers. They’re so into Christmas and we use a lot of technology and plans these days. We’re well under way.

RMB: How many dozens of cookies do you have to bake with all of those elves to feed?
Mrs. C.: We are trying to cut back a bit on the cookies and working on keeping Santa healthy.You saw earlier how he's slimmed down some. Many of the elves have too with the new work out schedule. But I still bake many dozen cookies to keep everyone happy.

RMB: Do you have a favourite healthy holiday treat?
Mrs. C: My favourite treats are Rice Krispie squares with sprinkles, and Santa loves ginger snaps. They're a little healthier as cookies go.

RMB: One thing many of my readers deal with, and you do as well, is a husband who does shift work.  How do you keep yourself busy on Xmas Eve while he’s working?
Mrs. C: Well. We have elves! So I spend the evening with them. They work so hard all year and this is our special night with our own special traditions. We see Santa off after he’s had his evening meal and is well-fed. Then we sit down for our meal, and we watch some of our Christmas favourites, like “It’s A Wonderful Life.” With some Rice Krispie treats and a little egg nog.

RMB: Do you have any special greetings or wishes for the folks of Toronto this Christmas season?
Mrs. C.: Thank you for the wonderful, very warm greeting I received last year, and I’m sure I’ll receive again this year.  Everyone made me feel so welcome.  Toronto is a wonderful city and you should be very proud!
Would you or your kids like to experience the parade while wearing a signature Red Nose? Air Cadets will be selling these red foam Rudolph noses along the Parade route as a fundraiser for Air Cadets Squadron #108. And, for the first time this year, the noses will also be available at 30 Canadian Tire retail locations around the GTA, from Nov. 1-18. Proceeds from these sales will be split between the Parade and Canadian Tire's Jumpstart program, removing barriers to children's participation in organised sports.

The Santa Claus Parade will take place on Sunday, November 18, starting at 12:30pm at Christie Pits. You can see the full parade route at the official website. You can also follow Parade information on Twitter and Facebook.

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