Sunday, November 18, 2012

Summer Lovin', or The Sock Strike

I'm on a sock strike. Yes, you heard me. It may be the middle of November. The Toronto Santa Claus Parade may indeed be happening this afternoon. Half my neighbourhood may indeed be decked out in Christmas lights. But I am barefoot still. (And often in the kitchen, but thankfully not pregnant.)

Full disclosure - I have had socks on twice this fall. But only because I got a cute new pair of boots and wanted to wear them. But then I got over that, and now I'm wearing the boots with naked feet. But only for fashion, not because of the weather.

And my feet are happy! I have stubbornly refused to put away my mary jane flats and am wearing them sans socks most days, regardless of the temperature. I did make some concessions to tradition and put away the open-toed shoes after Labour Day. (I don't wear white either.) But I got a new pedicure last week.

I am NOT letting go of summer. Socks have come to represent a surrender of sorts. A capitulation to the changing of the seasons. Not for this lady, thank you very much.

Want to take bets how long this strike lasts once we hit sub-zero temperatures??

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