Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Mittens

mitten images from kozzi.com

Much like their wily cousin, the sock, mittens have a nasty tendency to go missing. Some kids (mine) seem to be particularly talented at losing just one (always just one) of each pair of these essential winter items. I mean, I guess lost mittens are a little more understandable than lost socks. I can see how a mitten might fall out of a hastily stuffed pocket, for instance. Socks disappearing somewhere between the laundry hamper and the dryer will always mystify me.

(Note - I have recently found a sizable hoard of socks under each of my boys' beds, hidden behind bed skirts. There were many happy sock couple reunions, and some of the mystery was explained.)

I did the seasonal change-over this past weekend, and I was deeply unhappy with the number of unmatched mittens in the 6 year-old size range. Luckily I had bought a new pair recently as it started to get cold, so he at least has those. (They were cute, and I was too lazy to go into the crawlspace to find his old ones.) Given the knowledge that history will repeat itself, I have placed "MITTENS for Little Boo" in big letters on my shopping list.

But what to do with these single mitts? When he was younger, I was known to slap a mis-matched pair on his hands, if I could find both a left and a right. But I can't get away with that anymore. So, do I throw them out? Make mitten puppets? Maybe a garland or a wreath? (Not sure that would be pretty with little boy mittens though.) I'd love some ideas here. Do you have a great re-use for lonely mittens? I'm crowd-sourcing here, so let me know in the comments. Meanwhile, I think I'll go poke around on Pinterest and see what I can find ...

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