Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Here I Go Getting All Crafty Again

Not only did I make my own wreath this year, I also decided to give the planter on my front walk some Christmas flair. This planter changes with the seasons, being planted up with new flowers and ornamental grasses each spring (first pansies, then petunias once it warms up). In the fall I've tended to re-plant it with mums, but this year instead I added tall black branches and some skulls for Hallowe'en, then replaced the skulls with greenery and berries for Christmas. The black branches stayed to give some height, and they look completely different now in their new setting.

I picked up a bunch of pine and a bunch of cedar. I like the look of the different textures together. It adds some depth. Then I added some berries and white snowballs from the craft section at the dollar store. Word to the wise - these are not meant for outdoor use and they will expand with the first rain or snow. Learn from my mistakes people. (They actually still look ok so far, but not sure how many more wet days they can handle.)

To put this together, I left the black sticks as they were, then stuck the green branches into the soil in the planter to create the base. The berries and balls went in last, along with some extra gold painted sticks. Very important - if you plan to do a planter like this, make sure you plan and implement before your soil freezes. And be sure to stick your branches in securely so they won't pop out after the first freeze and thaw cycle. If they do fall out, stick them back in there quick before the soil is all iced up again.

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