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HGG2012 - Cityville Monopoly from Hasbro

board game
We love family game night. And we love Zynga games on Facebook. So the partnership between Zynga and Hasbro to bring their online games to a board near you makes me pretty happy. We recently took CityVille Monopoly for a test drive, and I had a hard time convincing Little Boo when it was time to put the game away for the day and get dinner.
The bills feature characters from the CityVille game,
and you can add decorations from the game to your
properties to increase their value (i.e., your earnings)
I've been a fan of Monopoly since I was a kid. We still have a "vintage" game downstairs actually, but it was fun to play this modern version with elements from the online game. I think that might provide a bit of a hook to attract any older kids in your family to sit down and enjoy some family time.

building up to that all-important skyscraper
This new version combines classic Monopoly gameplay with new, creative ways to build. Use stackable buildings to construct houses, community buildings and businesses in the center of the board - in any way you want. The object is to build up your structures until you can top them with a skyscraper. The first player to own 4 skyscrapers is the winner.

The properties on the board are drawn from locations in the Zynga CityVille game like train stations, the toy shop and the bakery, and you give and receive Mystery Gifts (when you land on the Mystery Gift space) to decorate your neighborhoods and increase your rent value. The properties and decorations will make this game feel very familiar to online players.

Little Boo and I had a great time with this game. Although it is marketed for ages 8 and up, he had no problem understanding the game and playing independently at 6. The one exception I guess was with the money. He did need some assistance coming up with the correct combinations of bills to pay rent or buy property from the bank. But this just led to a fabulous learning opportunity.  The game provided lots of chances to work on math skills and familiarity with paper money denominations. Also, just the concept of giving more money than needed and getting change back was apparently more novel than I had expected. Since he pretty much only ever sees us using debit or credit, I guess that makes sense.

CityVille Monopoly is a game for 2-4 players, aged 8 and up. The game includes the gameboard, 4 movers, 66 buildings, 16 skyscraper tops, city money, zoning permit cards, mystery gift cards, visitor center cards and 2 dice. It also comes with a code for 85 City Cash that can be used in the Facebook game.

This game can be found at various major retailers, including ToysRUs, WalMart, and The Real Canadian Superstore. MSRP $24.99. Board games are always a great choice for family gifts. The opportunity to unplug and get together as a family to play a classic game with a modern twist? Priceless! 

Disclosure: I received a CityVille Monopoly game from Hasbro to play with my family, in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received, and all opinions on this blog remain my own.

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