Friday, December 21, 2012

HGG2012 - Hasbro Angry Birds Star Wars


Two things loved by all (certainly in my house) - Angry Birds and Star Wars. And Hasbro has brought them together for some live action fun.  The Angry Birds Star Wars line launched this fall and includes 3 different categories so far: Battle Games, Koosh Launchers, and Jenga Gaming. More are planned for 2013! What they all have in common is well-known Star Wars characters re-imagined as Angry Birds and Pigs, and live-action launching, simulating the game play of the app.

How fun is that?

We received the AT-AT Attack Battle Game for review. It came not long after Little Boo saw a commercial for it on TV and started asking for it to be added to his Christmas list. Pretty great timing! This battle game includes 21 blocks to build the AT-AT, a lightsaber launcher, and 12 Angry Birds Star Wars figures, including two that are exclusive to this set. First you build your AT-AT, populate it with Storm Trooper pigs, then launch the Birds to destroy it all. (You hope!)  Bringing the app to life is really fun, and great entertainment for any Angry Birds fan. Plus, there is a code included with each game to allow you to unlock special Angry Birds Star Wars content in the app.

This game is suggested for ages 5 and up, with an MSRP of $44.99.

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