Monday, December 10, 2012

HGG2012- Leapster GS Explorer

Let's face it, our kids love electronics, from an increasingly young age. While we love to see them engaging with toys and games that provide them with learning opportunities. We started Little Boo with LeapFrog products when he was about 3, to appeal to his love of electronic play (just like big brother!) while still appeasing our desire for an educational component. 

He never even realised he was learning! You know, kind of like hiding carrots and beans in the chocolate chip cookies. It's all for their own good.

Leapster's latest handheld game is the Leapster GS Explorer. This is designed for ages 4-9, and comes in either green or purple. The system comes with 3 free apps, and works with an available library of over 300 apps and games (these additional apps and games sold separately). It also works with Leapster Explorer game cartridges.
Just like the most popular hand-held games for older kids, the Leapster GS Explorer has an on-board camera for taking video and still images - always popular with my guy. The system has 2 GB of storage, so there's lots of room for saving.

This Leapster has motion-sensor controls, touch-screen, and more traditional buttons and control pads. Younger kids will feel very grown-up with this device.

I love that the apps and games are designed with education in mind, and they support learning in school. Many apps will adjust the difficulty of tasks/questions, based on the skill level of the player. And parents can keep up-to-date on their child's progress through the online Leapfrog Learning Path. This provides a great tool to see where your child may be struggling or where they are excelling. And I find it just nice to know what they're up to with their games and what they are enjoying!

Most importantly, no child is going to play with this system unless it is fun. And it really is. The learning apps are designed with age-appropriate content to keep the kids entertained. And there are also apps and games that are just for fun, with no particular learning goals included, plus a variety of music and videos for pure entertainment. The Leapster GS Explorer is a sophisticated game system for education and entertainment, with camera, e-reader, and MP3 player functions built in. A little bit of everything, all in one bundle, for your JK-4th grade son or daughter.

Disclosure: I received free product to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received, and all opinions on this blog remain my own.

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