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HGG2012 - ROXX Will Rock Under Your Tree

Are you looking for a fun toy for school-aged kids? Maybe one that doesn't require batteries for a change? Given that most of Little Boo's favourite toys are electronic, I'm particularly happy that he is so taken with the ROXX line of "kid-powered" fun. We were introduced to this flippable, slideable, collectible toy this past August, and I predicted then they would be a hit for holiday giving. If the reactions of Little Boo and his friends are any indication, I know I was right.

At the launch event, Little Boo had a great time learning how to play the Skullz game. The object is to slide and flip your ROXX around the numbered board. The sliding is pretty easy once you get the power needed figured out. The harder part is flipping the ROXX into the target cups on three of the circles. He's getting a high five in the picture, after he successfully landed his piece into the red target.

We have now been playing Skullz at home, and introducing the game to some of his friends. The game can be played with 2 to 6 players. The set comes with a numbered game mat, 3 target cups, 6 exclusive game ROXX (all skull images of course), 12 ROXX TRIXX cards, instructions, and a collector list. The TRIXX cards are picked up at certain circles, and if you successfully complete the action required by the card (e.g., spin the ROXX on its edge for 3 seconds), you get to advance. Players take turns working their way to the finish line - target cup #9. This is the most difficult target, of course, just like the 18th hole in mini-golf, so you have to work up your skill through the game to conquer it. You can see in the picture how #7 has a sloped edge, while #9 is high all around. #4 you can actually slide your ROXX in.

Of course, in addition to the prescribed game play, ROXX lend themselves to all kinds of free-play fun.  You can play with them much like marbles, stage a ROXX battle to push your opponent out of a ring, hold a race to see who can roll their ROXX the farthest, or anything else your little one's mind can dream up. Hours of fun!

I also love that ROXX are not only a pile of imaginative fun, they are very affordable. Perfect for stocking stuffers:
ROXX Bagg-A-Roxx: $3.99
This Carry Case will help you carry your ROXX collection and everything you’ll need for play wherever you go. It comes with 1 exclusive ROXX, TRIXX Card and checklist. This holds 12 ROXX for mobile play, when you visit a friend.
The Power Paxx (Series 1): $4.99          
The Stealth Power Paxx (Series 1): $3.99
Kick-start your collection with a pre-packaged set 
of ROXX collectibles – each comes with TRIXX cards
 and a checklist to keep you on track.
 And to keep all those ROXX safe and tidy:
ROXX Collector Cases: $14.99

Comes in two sizes - 40 (includes 4 exclusive ROXX and 4 Trixx cards) or 72
The most expensive item in the line is the ROXX TRIXX Stadium, at $29.99.
The ROXX line is now available from a wide range of retailers across the country, including Walmart, ToysRUs, Sears, and Canadian Tire. You can see the full list of retailers on their website. These are a lot of fun and a great change from a lot of the electronics that I know will be under our tree this year. And watch for new ROXX designs - Spider Man, Avengers, and NHL!

A Giveaway

One lucky Raising My Boys reader will receive a ROXX Skullz game of their own ($16.99 value). Entries are via the Rafflecopter widget below and will be accepted until 12:00 midnight EST, December 13. Giveaway is open to Canadian residents only, excluding Quebec.

Best of luck!

Disclosure: I received a ROXX Skullz game to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions on this blog remain my own.

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  1. Oh I have seen these. Great accessories for the roxx. I like the carrying case.


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